What people are saying


“Courtney presented one of the most profitable workshops I have ever attended on trauma. The insights are brilliant. Thank you for a superlative experience.” – Allen Battle, Ph. D. , Professor of Psychiatry and Chief, Division of Clinical Psychology, University of Tennessee Center for Health Science

“Out of all the workshops I have gone to in recent memory, this workshop was the most informative AND applicable. I learned many new skills and ways of approaching therapy – something I can actually USE. I find that piece to often be lacking in the seminars I’ve been to. Courtney’s attitude, teaching style, use of role plays, media, etc. it was great!” – R. D., LCSW

“Excellent training. Courtney was very warm, friendly and well prepared. Presented thought-provoking material that kept everyone’s interest. Wonderful complement to incorporate into my trauma-informed practice.” – R. C., Psy. D.

“The training was excellent and full of tangible techniques and ideas. Seeing these techniques in action on real clients was very compelling and more effective than hearing about study after study and statistics. I would recommend to all mental health professionals.” – S. C., LPC

“Courtney is a jewel of a teacher who is quietly effective and infectiously joyful about her work. Films were very helpful to flesh out her theory and teaching points.”– Participant, 2014 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

“Courtney was very pleasant and knowledgeable and presented very well. Considering I am a Dinosaur in psychotherapy who refused to move into the now, she opened up new pathways for me.”– Participant, 2014 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 

“Courtney’s training was something I had looked forward to since reading her article in the Psychotherapy Networker and corresponding with her. She was vital, welcoming and full of helpful information. She had us do small group exercises, which were very useful.” – M. M., LCPC, NCC

Fabulous training. I am eager to implement this in my work on my first day back.” – R. P., LCSW

“This was one of the best programs I have had in a long while. Learned many helpful things and was well-paced.” – K. R., Certified Addictions Counselor