Individual Consultation & Supervision


  • Feeling stuck with a client or need fresh ideas?
  • Want to gain confidence in working with trauma, anxiety, grief, or hypnosis?
  • Looking for an LPC Supervisor or just a professional mentor you can call on for support?

I’m happy to help! I offer individual and group consultation to both seasoned and new therapists via telephone or a confidential video conferencing platform similar to Skype.

I’m also an Approved LPC/MHSP Supervisor in the state of Tennessee and can provide supervision to those pursuing LPC licensure.

You can schedule individual consultation calls in 30, 60 or 90-minute blocks and we can record your session so you can reference it again.

If you’d like to participate in my ongoing monthly consultation group, click here or scroll down the page for more information.

Consultation calls can be used to:

    • Figure out where you’re getting stuck or triggered by a client.
    • Brainstorm creative ideas to move your sessions forward.
    • Improve your skills for treating trauma, grief, anxiety, somatic issues, & other complex cases.
    • Increase your confidence using hypnosis and knowing how to adapt it for each client.
    • Deal with issues of burnout and compassion fatigue.
    • Explore ways to grow your practice, publish a book, or do more speaking engagements.
To book an individual consultation, call 423-876-3490 or e-mail me.

Monthly Consultation Groups

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Wish you had a group of like-minded peers to process stuff with?

Then I invite you to join our monthly consultation group where I and a group of supportive peers will provide you with feedback, encouragement, and new perspectives that trigger your own “Aha!” moments and move you from feeling immobilized to empowered in your sessions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Group requires a 3-month commitment and is limited to 10 people.
  • The group will meet via teleconference for 75-minutes per month.
  • Each call will allow for 2 to 3 members to present a case where they’ve felt stuck and receive guidance and ideas from Courtney and the group.
  • If the group chooses, calls can also focus on building and marketing your practice and handling specific clinical issues, such as dissociation, complex trauma, etc.
  • Preferred participants have taken one of my courses or read The Therapeutic “Aha!” book so we’re all on the same page!

First Quarter 2018


Monday night group:  Jan. 8th, Feb. 5th, & March 12th, 2018  7:30 – 8:45 PM Eastern time

Wednesday afternoon group: Jan. 10th, Feb. 7th, & March 14th, 2018 from 12-1:15 PM Eastern time

Cost: $165 paid in advance covers one call per month from January-March 2018

To Register: Click the link for the group you’d like to join below. Registration closes 1/5/18 and each group is limited to 10 people, so sign up today!