Courtney’s Online Trainings

Available for Download or DVD

The New Rules for Treating Trauma

Integrating Neuroscience to Rewire the Brain

Watch Courtney’s one-day workshop on the New Rules for Treating Trauma in the comfort of your own home via immediate download or on DVD produced by PESI, Inc.

In this training you’ll:

  • Discover how to reprogram brain mechanisms involved in trauma responses
  • Learn creative techniques for helping manage their emotions
  • Get a simple 5-step protocol to reconsolidate a traumatic memory
  • Activate the brain’s innate capacity for healing and resilience
  • Help clients rewrite trauma narratives and reclaim a positive identity
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Cost: $199.99; 6 CE’s available for most mental health professionals.

The Therapeutic Aha! (One-day seminar)

10 Brain-Based Strategies to Transform Your Clients and Your Practice

This transformational seminar on will relieve your frustration and boredom by discovering 10 practical, creative strategies you can use with stuck clients to jumpstart progress, elicit motivation, clear internal conflicts and effectively engage:

  • Clients who seem resistant or have trouble motivating themselves
  • Clients who appear to self-sabotage or don’t believe they can change
  • Clients who continue to get hijacked by their emotions, even though want to change and intellectually understand their issues

In her warm and witty style, Courtney will show you how to integrate multi-level communication, imagery, storytelling, humor, play, music and movement into clinical sessions. Through video case-studies, live demonstrations and guided group activities, you’ll gain the skills you need to trigger therapeutic breakthroughs, achieve greater healing and lasting change for your clients.

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Cost $199.99; 6 CE’s available for most mental health professionals.