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5 Ways to Get Clients Unstuck and Create More ‘Aha!’ Moments in Sessions

This report includes five simple, but powerful tips to reach the emotional brain, get clients unstuck, and create more breakthroughs in sessions.




Malcolm-shadow5 Steps for Healing a Traumatic Memory

This report includes 5-easy steps to change a traumatic memory at the emotional level of the brain and explains the process of memory reconsolidation. Includes links to cool video and an audio excerpt of my interview with brain scientist Joe LeDoux.



Aha-Crop-for-3D-book-coverThe Therapeutic “Aha!” Worksheets and Bonus Materials

This 14-page PDF packet includes additional bonus materials and worksheets from Courtney’s Therapeutic “Aha!” book to assist you in creating breakthrough moments in your sessions. Includes the “Align, Lift, and Lead” communication strategy, guided imagery scripts, the “Locating Embodied Beliefs” handout, the “RECON” template and more!



Psych-Networker-AHA-coverCourtney’s article in the Psychotherapy Networker on her approach to therapy

Read this article that got rave reviews in the Psychotherapy Networker on how to create experiences in the session that reach the emotional brain, foster healing connection, and propel people toward goals.



TNPTissue8cover_s-212x300-212x300Courtney’s article on Creative Memory Reconsolidation

In this article for the Australian based Neuropsychotherapist magazine, Courtney discusses what brain science now tells us about how to effectively heal a traumatic memory and demonstrates how to use creative interventions such as imagery, story, music, and movement to facilitate this transformational process.



TTG_Front_Final-e1315252759511-211x300Transforming Traumatic Grief Book Chapter

Get a free download of the first chapter of Courtney’s book, Transforming Traumatic Grief by clicking here.


shrinkrapradioShrinkrap Radio interview . Host David Van Nuys and I discuss how to create transformational experiences and influence the 7-primary emotions. We also discuss the way I synthesize all the various psychotherapy theories into a simple, integrative approach.



Click here to read Julia Brown’s interview with Courtney titled 5 tips for helping patients reach their “Aha!” moment and overcoming the cravings that come with addiction.


michele-rosenthal-199x300-150x150Click here to listen to Courtney’s interview with Michele Rosenthal of In this interview Courtney discusses six steps to move from grief to peace and how to recover the “lost” sense of self many experience after trauma.



trauma-therapist-2The Trauma Therapist Podcast: Enjoyed this fabulous interview with Guy Macpherson, founder of the The Trauma Therapist Project. We talk about how to be creative in your sessions, being human in therapy, and dealing with challenging situations. Courtney is also proud to be a featured educator in Guy’s Trauma Therapist 2.0 course.


networker-logoRich Simon, Editor-in-Chief of the Psychotherapy Networker interviews Courtney about counseling adolescents and integrating creativity into therapy sessions.