Podcast Tour- 2015

aha_cover_approved-compCourtney’s new book The Therapeutic Aha!: 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck has hit the bestseller’s list on Amazon and is getting awesome reviews and being featured on great podcasts and blogs.

Click the links below to listen in, join the fun and get creative insights on how you can be more effective in with your clients to get those coveted breakthroughs and “Aha” moments.



April-May 2015

addiction-professional-logo Addiction Professional Magazine: Julia Brown talks about applying the concepts from The Therapeutic “Aha!” for clearing drug cravings and treating substance abuse.


blogtalkradiologo Blogtalk radio with Michael Harris: Michael and Courtney discuss memory reconsolidation and how hypnosis strategies influence the emotional brain. Fun talk!


GetUnstuckExpertCafeGet Unstuck Expert Cafe with Remy Chausse: Remy and Courtney discuss the value of helping your clients create their “compelling vision” and how to change old patterns, and predict the bursting of the  “launch bubble” and how to sanely position your business.

June 2015

psychcentralPsychcentral’s review of The Therapeutic “Aha!”: Tamara Hill talks about applying concepts from The Therapeutic “Aha!” to her work with children & families, stating, “Reading Armstrong has already helped me stay more engaged [with clients]… highly recommend.”  Thanks, Tamara!


paullesliephotoPotential Not Pathology’s review of The Therapeutic “Aha!”: Dr. Paul Leslie is a specialist in Ericksonian Hypnosis and author of the book, Potential Not Pathology. He likes my take on the emotional brain and the creative strategies to keep it engaged. Paul’s pretty darn creative himself! You’ll like all his blog posts.


shrinkrapradioShrinkrap Radio interview . Host David Van Nuys and I discuss how to create intentional experiences and influence the 7-primary emotions. He also likes the way I synthesize all the various psychotherapy theories we’re bombarded with into a simple, integrative approach.


changeyouchooselogoChange You Choose: Michele Rosenthal and Courtney discuss new models for treating trauma, how to help your clients feel comfortable giving you feedback, and why your emotional brain responds to positive, healing experiences over traditional talk therapy.

July 2015

michelerosenthal Heal My PTSD’s Michele Rosenthal reviews The Therapeutic “Aha!” on her award winning blog and discusses how it can help trauma survivors develop a flexible PTSD recovery program. Click here to read the article.


karenkoenig Eating Disorder Blog’s Karen Koenig, an esteemed author and eating disorder specialist, reviews The Therapeutic “Aha!” as it relates to eating issues. I am a big fan of Karen’s work, so her review is very meaningful to me. Click her to read Karen’s thoughts and check out her books too!


 August 2015

14The Trauma Therapist Podcast: Enjoyed this fabulous interview with Guy Macpherson, founder of the West Coast Trauma Project, which supports trauma therapists and helps them thrive. We talk about how to be creative in your sessions, being human in therapy, and dealing with challenging situations.

drdavidCutting Edge Doc, Dr. David Kamnitzer will talk about how to change core beliefs and traumatic memories through memory reconsolidation.


September 2015


Taking a Creative Approach To Client Change, a great article by Laurie Meyers about how to be creative in counseling sharing brilliant ideas and stories from Courtney and others!


Lisa Mitchell, founder of Inner Canvas wrote this fun blog article about the value of incorporating play into our sessions and cites Courtney’s Therapeutic “Aha!” for inspiration.



Lisa Jesswein and I talk about dissolve resistance and how to reprocess the pain from the past so you can m

October 2015

Clinton-Power-founder-Australia-Counselling1-274x300-274x300Clinton Power of Australia Counseling and I discuss quick tips for getting your counseling clients unstuck. He is a fantastic interviewer known for helping therapists build successful practices. In this interview, we discuss practical strategies you can use right away to uplift clients & help them move forward.

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